Friday, July 10, 2009

Democracy to the highest bidder?

Avella believes in democracy. Does Bloomberg?
We know mayoral candidate Tony Avella as a fighter for our neighborhoods, our small businesses, our schools, and our families. As a New York City Councilman, Avella has been a champion for the animals, notably having introduced the landmark bill that would ban New York City's inhumane and dangerous horse-drawn carriage industry.

You won't hear any kind of meaningful advocacy for animals or individuals or communities from Mayor Bloomberg, whose unwavering dedication is to money. On a staggering scale. Not only does he want us to conveniently forget the extension-of-term-limits debacle that he orchestrated, but now he apparently wants us to toss out the ideals of democracy, too. His comments at the Working Families Party Mayoral Forum on July 2 tell the story.

These remarks are making waves in the city and on the Internet. You can't make this stuff up!
Read what The New York Times said about the forum: "It was Mr. Avella who generated the most applause."
The Times noted that Bloomberg drew "some hisses and even laughter" and was "the least popular of the three."

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