Monday, August 17, 2009

Inhumane, dangerous, and irrelevant

Serious accidents, just waiting to happen
Substantial evidence has shown that when carriage horses spook, people are usually injured. No surprise, then, that the summer's news reports bear out these statistics. In a look at a few of the accidents involved horses who spooked, a full 80% of these accidents involved human injury. Spooking accidents are dangerous and sometimes deadly for horses and people. In Krakow, Poland, two accidents in two weeks involving terrified carriage horses left eight people injured, four of them seriously, including two teenage girls. Carriage driver Derek Heckler suffered a cracked skull and later died from his injuries resulting from a horse-spooking accident in San Francisco. In Santa Barbara, Calif., it was a snapped leather strap that apparently terrified a horse who then spooked and bolted during a parade, injuring numerous bystanders. A horse in San Antonio spooked twice in the same day, throwing a passenger from the carriage; no injuries were reported in that accident.
Related: Slow-moving conveyances are dangerous in rural areas and suburbs, too. In Clarion, Pa., an SUV smashed into a buggy, injuring 5 people and killing a horse; in Chester County, Pa., a car rear-ended a buggy, killing a woman and a horse and seriously injuring another person.

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