Monday, September 7, 2009

A leader, not a follower

Mayoral candidate Tony Avella speaks out here on a subject dear to his heart: his strong record of animal-friendly legislation. He is the true leader in this arena, unlike others who say one thing and do another--or worse still, do nothing. As the author of the landmark legislation that would ban New York City's inhumane horse-drawn carriage industry, Tony Avella has distinguished himself by standing up for what is right. And he supports all manner of humane legislation, a rarity in the City Council.

This is the season of political posturing. Don't be misled by empty promises. Tony Avella is the real deal. If you vote and you care about animals as well as people, exercise your right and vote for Tony Avella on September 15 in the Democratic primary.
Those City Council members who secretly favor a ban on horse-drawn carriages but are too cowed by Christine Quinn to have the courage of their convictions are pretty well useless on any issue.
ACTION ALERT: Registered Democrats, vote for Tony Avella on Sept. 15 in the Democratic primary!
Video used courtesy of: Heart for Animal Rights Activists

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