Friday, June 20, 2008

How long will horses be mistreated?

Film documents gruesome accidents
There's a lot of buzz in New York City today about the Blinders screening last night. The Central Park Blogger comments on the ultimate irony: even Beijing has banned horse-drawn carriages, but New York City has stubbornly refused to do so. It does boggle the mind.
Read "Blinders Screened" (Central Park Blog post, June 20, 2008)
Blinders is the new documentary from independent filmmaker Donny Moss. View the trailer on the Blinders website

Photo credit: Charles Eckert (January 2, 2006)
Support a ban on horse-drawn carriages in NYC (Intro. 658)


MichaleenFlynn said...

I see that in addition to being a liar and propagandist, you are a coward also.
Nice character flaws!

Mary Alice said...

Flynn, your comments--ALL of them--will be posted. I haven't had time to respond to them yet. You, as a blogger (LOL!) know how time-consuming it can be. Funny you call me a liar. You and your colleagues have no qualms about spinning yarns. Three horses dead in a century? You are banking on the stupidity of the public. Let's try 4 dead since 2006! (Spotty, Smoothie, Clancy, Juliet) and these are just the ones that come immediately to mind. Jeez.

You are desperate to neutralize the reality that you are profiting from a inhumane industry. I suppose I will have go to the files and now publish some more "hard-hitting" stories, such as the history of poor Spotty's owner and the guy's legal troubles in Pennsylvania. Or maybe some things closer to home.

MichaleenFlynn said...

I knew my last comment would finally compell you to answer ;-)
As you correctly note, blogging is time consuming - especially for people who work, have families, etc. This is especially true for the carriage owner.
We have real, live horses to attend to, we're not wrapped up in cyberspace tilting at windwills worried about OTHER people's business. The time we spend online is in defense of the truth, and in exposing the lies and melodramatic hand-wringing of those who oppose us.
As far '3 horses dead in a century', your blathering is getting more and more preposterous. I have never uttered any such silliness. What I have said, many times, and that which is true, is that, since 1985, there have been 3 traffic-related equine fatalities: Chester, Tony, and Spotty. Smoothie died, but was not involved in a traffic accident per se, but even adding her unfortunate death, that is still 4 horses in 23 years - as ratios in any equine industry goes, it is an excellent one.
Regardless of what you guess about my motives, I feel no desperation of any kind, and the reality of my chosen business is my best ally, as the truth and the facts are my side, and I have faith that they will prevail in the end.
Now how's about those carriages in London, Paris, and Beijing? LOL

Mary Alice said...

Flynn, first, please understand that I will have the last word here. As you surely know. Obviously, I don't have a life or I wouldn't have a blog. Right?

To be fair, since we don't know each others' identities, I don't know what you have said about the safety record. I do know that statements made in the blogosphere, including the NYTimes blog story on Blinders, and other forums, have been misleading people about the safety record. That may have been some of your colleagues sounding off.

More to come. Unfortunately, this is not over.

p.s. same with the slaughter not to say that no NYC carriage horse has been sent to slaughter.

MichaleenFlynn said...

BTW, why does it not bother you that PETA & D. Moss have fed you untrue statements about carriage rides in other countries? I would be seething if someone who I trusted to be a 'brother in arms' left me hanging in the breeze repeating false claims.
But then again, that wouldn't be likely, as I vet my sources, and speak only what I *know* to be true.

Mary Alice said...

Flynn (carriage driver), as you surely know, I don't get my orders from PETA or from Mr. Moss.

Readers, please visit the New York Times and read "Film Puts Horse Before the Cart, Then Shows Chaos" and see how it was updated June 24.
HDCs were banned 30 years ago in Paris, but ONE carriage is allowed to operate. ETC. Similar in London--private hires only. Beijing proper banned to ease congestion. Your attempt to discredit Mr. Moss and this important documentary, Blinders," is absurd.

Your industry is shameful, and the public relations professional Carolyn Daly is the worst of the liars, I am sorry to have to say. For instance, her comment to the Times that Mr. Moss didn't seek industry comment is the height of absurdity. And the Times corrected its story, after this was promptly brought to the attention of the little-girl reporter Jennifer 8. Lee. Your industry has a LOBBYIST at City Hall, and disgusting ties to the city agency that is supposed to be overeeing the industry. (The lobbyist McMahon--who pulled down the picture of the carriage horse from his website--is married to the Deputy Mayor of HHS, Linda Gibbs). POLITICAL ENTRENCHMENT!!! Sorry to shout, but you make me crazy when you accuse me of lying. Then there's that creepy Gennaro.

I'm spouting propaganda?? Dear God.