Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Feeling the heat in Rome, Memphis

Exposed to a million dangers
When in Rome, take pity on the carriage horses. As in New York, these beasts of burden toil in searing heat and heavy traffic and live in shabby stables. Time for the Eternal City to move forward and ban this industry.
AP Photo/Courtesy of ENPA/HO

Anyone who needs a reminder of why it's a terrible idea to put horses in traffic should read about Tuesday's accident in downtown Memphis, where a truck rear-ended a horse-drawn carriage that was sitting on the side of the road. The carriage driver is recovering and, against all odds, the horse and a puppy that was a passenger on the carriage escaped serious injury in the crash.

Horses do not belong in any city's traffic. In New York City, we have an unprecedented opportunity to support legislation that would ban horse-drawn carriages (Intro. 658). Let your City Council member hear from you on this issue today!

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