Monday, December 15, 2008

Chicago is failing its horses

New York City isn't the only large U.S. city that is miserable for horses. NBC 5 Chicago sheds some light on J.C. Cutters, a carriage company that since 2006 has received more than 20 citations by Chicago Animal Care & Control. To date, few if any improvements are apparent, and a recent visit by NBC 5 revealed horses eating hay next to manure. A former driver is seen saying in this video clip that the drivers referred to the stable as "the horse dungeon." See why.
Activists in Chicago took part in last weekend's "Horses Without Carriages International" day of action, braving bitter cold to tell people not to take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage. This tradition is outdated, irrelevant, and inhumane.
Update: The city has said this week that it won't renew the license for J.C. Cutters in 2009.

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