Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fares are negotiable?

"Just be sure to negotiate your price with the driver before you head off," Been There blogger Sissi explains in a post about her recent trip to New York City, where she took a ride in a horse-drawn carriage. Apparently this visitor from the UK found out the hard way that the approved fares--which are regulated by New York City--are widely disregarded by the drivers. Yet another way in which the industry is out of control. The length of a ride is negotiable, but fares are set.
The fare you'll be quoted is a mystery. It almost certainly won't match up with what's legal. See for yourself in the video "Tourists Overcharged in NYC" from YouTube user "HorsesinNYC."
The NYC Department of Consumer Affairs advises individuals to report potential fraud issues to the New York State Attorney General's Office Consumer Frauds and Protection Bureau at (212-416-8345).
Photo: Donny Moss. December 19, 2008, a day on which many horses working in a snow storm, against regulations.


Alice Ruth said...

§ 20-380 Rates of horse drawn cabs. The amount to be charged and collected for the use of a horse drawn cab by one or more passengers shall be the total of the following items: thirty-four dollars for the first half-hour or fraction, the fraction of the half-hour shall be at the passenger's option, and ten dollars for each additional fifteen minutes thereafter.

Google it, and you will see fares from $40 for "about 17 minutes" ( to $179 for a Valentine's Day ride!

How exactly is a consumer expected to be properly informed???

Alice Ruth said...

As predicted, the drivers chimed in on this one. One says, "There is a maximum rate set, prices can be negotiated for less." ROFL! (Rolling on the floor laughing, in their own vernacular). The point is that passengers are being misled, and they are confused. And they should complain, as the DCA tells them to do. THE PARK'S LOWER LOOP IS 1.7 MILES. HOW FREAKING LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GO AROUND THE CIRCLE?

Alice Ruth said...

The last comment was too vile to publish, but I don't know anything about chestnuts, Raven, "my" Picasa page or Loyola University or anything else that you're yammering about.

Alice Ruth said...

Gawd the comments I get! Poor driver thinks he knows who I am. yawn.