Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm back, things are worse than ever

Be the horses' eyes and ears
The mistreatment of New York City carriage horses is getting worse by the minute, now that the drivers and owners are being rewarded for fraudulent and reckless behavior. At least two carriage accidents have happened in the 2 weeks or so since the diminutive mayor bloomberg signed into law the crappy industry bill. No surprise that it was pushed through by the corrupt Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

No media coverage of the crashes, and no word on the condition of the horses. The useless ASPCA, once again, does nothing. It could have done a lot to end this dangerous and inhumane industry, but instead it did ... NOTHING.

The pics tell the story. Thanks for the photographic evidence. Keep it coming.

Top photo: Hell's Kitchen correspondent, May 13, 2010, at Shamrock Stables in NYC;
Bottom 2 photos: NYC tourist, May 1, 2010, at Columbus Circle, after a horse-spooking accident.

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