Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Always Wanted to Be an Extremist!

"Look, mom, I'm an extremist!" and other musings of a misfit

Carolyn Daly is the public relations wizard who was hired to represent the interests of the horse-drawn carriage industry in New York City. [Note to self: Yikes! She wants to blow my cover and is seeking to educate the public on us bad extremists.]

People protesting the industry "aren't activists, they are extremists," Ms. Daly said in a newspaper interview. [Wow, now that's a pretty sharp flack!]
"This is an industry that lives under a microscope," she said. [Pithy proclamation! I wonder if she will try to win our hearts and minds..."]

Maybe the pay raise that Councilman Gennaro has proposed for the horse-drawn carriage drivers can help the association afford the services of Ms. Daly, late of the labor council.

In supporting the important bill proposed by Councilman Avella, I am inspired to borrow a page from Ms. Daly's political playbook and paraphrase a famous campaign slogan: "In your heart, you know he's right." (That's right, the famous line from the Goldwater campaign. To which the industry replies, "In your guts, you know he's nuts." Guffaws all around.) Kudos to the editor for using "Goldwater" and "Daly" together!

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