Thursday, October 23, 2008

Democracy: rest in peace

Democracy came to an end in New York City today, with the "Quinn 29" voting without a referendum to extend term limits. And New York City Council member Tony Avella got it right: the 29 members who voted--against the will of the city's voters--to extend term limits for New York City elected officials to three terms from two should be voted out of office. I will make my list, and then vigorously campaign against all of these unethical twits. My little vote can only go so far, so I will have to be creative, won't I! I think I may make that deadbeat Robert Jackson my pet project, for having the unmitigated gall to say: “Let’s have a backbone" (and not back down, presumably). He deserves a job stamping out license plates. No wonder he's hanging onto this one for dear life.

Thank you to the 22 council members who voted "no" to this subversive measure, including Jessica Lappin. Well done.

The billionaire mayor thinks we will forget all about it. Never will I forget this betrayal. And another thing: it stands to cost the city in so many ways. Starting with lifetime retiree health insurance that would cost the city up to $12,600 a year per council member, for any one who serves a third term. Which will amount to millions of dollars over the coming decades. Kind of stupid, isn't it?

Did you know: Tony Avella (D-Queens) introduced the measure to ban horse-drawn carriages; Council Speaker Christine Quinn has blocked it, along with every other piece of animal-friendly legislation that been introduced during her shameful tenure; virtually all council members line up behind Quinn, fearing retribution. No, the City Council is not a legislative body. Far from it. All back-room deals.

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