Saturday, November 15, 2008

Big-city politics: too puzzling!

How is this going to help the horses?
Here’s something to ponder. In the grand tradition of big city politics, the League of Humane Voters of New York City is honoring City Council member Peter Vallone, Jr. Puzzling, isn’t it? Humane isn’t the word that comes to mind. Vallone wants to ban pit bull dogs in New York City. He has never supported the Pets in Housing bill, a measure that is dear to New Yorkers and that would save the lives of many companion animals. He does not support Council Member Tony Avella’s bill that would ban the inhumane horse-drawn carriage industry in NYC. He voted for an extension of term limits (apparently he wants to ensure that we’ll have four more years of the same seamy, do-nothing council). Speaker Christine Quinn, as you may recall, has blocked every single piece of animal-friendly legislation that has come up. And I’m really scratching my head over the exclusion of Avella from the list of honorees. Humane DOES come mind when I think of Avella, who leads the way in supporting humane legislation—and who is enthusiastically endorsed by the League of Humane Voters of New York State (the real LOHV).
The LOHV-NYC also helped to elect Elizabeth Crowley, a vigorous opponent of a ban on horse-drawn carriages. (Maybe some whippersnapper can explain this to me?) With friends like this, who needs enemies! Crowley has ties to a number of proud political "players," as you may know.


Anonymous said...

Tony Avella is someone to admire for his support of humane treatment of people and animals. How he could not be honored by the League of Humane Voters in NYC leaves me speechless! He supports what he feels is ethically correct and not politically correct and self-serving. NYC carriage horses have waited long enough to be saved from their living hell. There is no sane reason that rationalizes their work in NYC.

Anonymous said...

The NY LOHV is a political group and not necessarily an animal advocate organization, although they will use that issue to try to gain power. But that is okay...we need a good political lobbying group in New York. They must drop the term "animal advocacy" from their mission.