Saturday, November 29, 2008

A recipe for spooking a horse

It's always horrifying, and never surprising, when a horse spooks in traffic or around a noisy spectacle. Which is what happened Friday in Rhinelander, Wis., during a downtown Christmas tree-lighting event. The moment everyone was waiting for, in fact, is what apparently frightened the horses, who were still harnessed to a carriage. One man was trampled, and one vehicle damaged. Read more
If you've ever wondered if New York City carriage horses spook, the answer is yes--and when it happens, the consequences are generally horrifying, as with the death of Smoothie in September 2007.

The next time you see a horse in Times Square, or on 9th Avenue, or being made to make a U-turn on Central Park South, consider whether that is an appropriate environment for a horse. Learn more about the lives and inelegant deaths of New York City carriage horses

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