Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gamblers, winners, and losers

Another Derby Day, a big upset, an uncertain future
Like circus animals, racehorses are trained to perform. Running the Kentucky Derby is the racetrack equivalent of a tiger jumping through a fiery hoop: These horses know the drill, and they're running for their lives. Mine That Bird, a 50-1 shot, pulled off a runaway victory in the 2009 Derby, no doubt leaving owners and bettors ecstatic.
I wonder how many Derby Day "losers" have been, or will soon be, shipped off to auction and a grim fate. From carriage horses to thoroughbreds, being dumped at auction is a common scenario for any horse who isn't a good money-maker.
Seen in the photo to the right is Colin, a lucky horse in this post-Derby tale from 2008.
The blogger of this tale names names, thankfully.
Also: Tribute to some lost souls from 2008: Miss Fancy Gold and All Be At Once (near end of post).
Photo: FHOTD

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