Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother's Day demonstration

Some things never change. Insults and intimidation from carriage drivers were the order of the day at a peaceful demonstration last weekend, but the activists carried on. They're used to it. I just received this video of the very successful event. I'm told that a number of tourists decided not to take a ride after getting more information about this industry and learning about the plight of the horses. I hope these people spread the word!
The infamous "ponytail guy" driver can be seen and heard in this clip. Kind of funny and pathetic.
Video courtesy of YouTube member "HorsefeathersNYC"
For optimal quality viewing, click twice on the video and see it on YouTube.

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Anonymous said...

Was this Driver released from a Mental Ward? Why didn't the cops do anything? I mean I saw Homeless people with mental disabilities behave better than this lunatic. This driver is CRAZY. Funny except for the horses.