Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Compassionate Choice in Central Park

The new Frommer's travel guide steers you clear of the tourist traps, three-card Monte contests, and chain restaurants in New York City. Horse-drawn carriage ride? Save your money, and "pity those poor beasts of burden," the guidebook advises. "The horses look so forlorn, as if it's the last thing they want to do."

You can still kick back and enjoy a leisurely look at the park. Consider an alternative called Manhattan Rickshaw Company (tel 212/604-4729). "This beast of burden has two legs, and pedals you and a companion in the back of a pedicab, where the rate is negotiable but is usually about $1 per minute with a $10 minimum," according to the 2008 guidebook. Or check current rates on the website at:
Photo: "Caesar" by Sarah Dreitlein

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