Sunday, May 4, 2008

From the archives: this isn't tourism

Marcela D said it best: The death of Smoothie in September 2007 was a turning point:
This is it! Another horse suffering a needless and horrifying death. I will never visit New York again until horse-carriages are banned. I urge everyone to call or write the Mayor of New York and tell him he will be losing a lot of tourism dollars because of this.
Marcela's comment appeared on the Web site of the Toronto Humane Society following the death of Smoothie.

ACTION ALERT: Ask New York City's elected officials to support a BAN on horse-drawn carriages.
Contact the Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg (City Hall, New York, NY 10007. Phone: 311 (or: 212-New-York, outside of NYC)

Contact City Council Speaker Christine Quinn
(City Hall, New York, NY 10007). Legislative Office Phone: (212) 788-7210

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