Saturday, August 30, 2008

Civil liberties

Horses like to roll around in the dirt to scratch their itches. That is, if they have the opportunity. That small liberty is not afforded to New York City carriage horses. For them, it's all work and no play. No respite at home, either. They're warehoused on the industrial west side of Manhattan, up to 2 miles from Central Park.
Pictured: West Side Livery. See why the nabe is called "Hell's Kitchen?"


michaleenflynn52 said...

Liar, liar, pants on fire.
Our horses routinely roll in their stalls, especially when they get home from work. They also enjoy themselves in this way when they go to PA for turnout.
Also - the stables that you are referring to were all built as stables. Not a one of them was built to be a 'warehouse', and using the term 'warehoused' instead of 'stabled' is incorrect, as horses do not qaulify as 'wares'. But I know you know that, and think it's cute to use the word to try and diminish, but it is just that type of false rhetoric that will bring all of you and your 'cause' down.
BTW, what is remotely 'industrial' about the Javits Center, a school, a nightclub, and a hotel? LOL Silly Mary Alice.

Mary Alice said...

"Flynn" begs to differ. Yawn. I suggest anyone who wants to believe him should take a field trip W. 38th Street, between 11th and 12th Avenues. It is frightful. Go see it!

What is industrial about barbed-wire on all of the chain link fences, strip clubs, puke, marijuana, "stores" that are fronts for illegal enterprises, gridlocked traffic, bridges and tunnels, and horses walking up steep ramps to get "home"? Indeed. I refuse to call this armpit anything but Hell's Kitchen, and if he thinks that this broken-down building is an appropriate stable, well that is very revealing.

Is Hell's Kitchen trendy? Very much so. I guess tourists think it's cool. I once saw a dead body lying on 45th Street, the same fragrant block on which Shamrock Stable is located. And the weird part is, the dead guy wasn't even moved for hours. No one seemed to care. It's your "Law and Order" neighborhood to a T. It has obvious appeal to the carriage industry, because no one cares about the crap that goes on there.

Mary Alice said...

Like what kind of crap? Well, I've seen carriage drivers making horses go EAST on a WESTBOUND STREET! I've seen them circumvent traffic by driving the horse up onto the crumbling sidewalk! Diagonally cross through the HESS gas station lot! They leave horses unattended out on the street! Run red lights, while talking on cell phones! Ignore the heat restrictions! Dragging passengers around Hell's Kitchen!

michaleenflynn52 said...

Take it easy, you'll spurt!
Where's that cold rag for your brow?
Sounds like you need a snort of brandy, too.
I'm getting a visual of the old John Belushi/Weekend Update routine, where he gets so worked up over something he gets apoplectic and falls off his chair :-O

:::::big hugs for poor, lonely, obsessed Mary Alice:::::

michaleenflynn52 said...

Here ya go -
it's at the 3:19 mark, (3 min and 19 seconds)


Mary Alice said...

Flynn buzzes around like a horse fly. Here, as you can see, he's being not only annoying but funny. Right on the money, too. I'm obsessed and worked up. Flynn LOVES my blog. Keep reading, it'll keep you off the streets.