Saturday, August 23, 2008

Heavenly Perfect, raced to death

It's only three months since Heavenly Perfect was racing her heart out. Her best efforts weren't enough, though. She'd been raced with laminitis, and, left untreated, it had progressed soon enough to the place where bone was coming through the soles of both front feet. Her other injuries were not insignificant: chipped knees, 2 fractures, and severe arthritis. She hadn't run well in her last race, to no one's surprise. So, trainer and owner Jerry Hollendorfer shipped her off. Destined for a Mexican slaughterhouse, she got a reprieve by rescuers who pulled her out of a kill pen 10 days after she'd run her last race.

At the track this brave 5-year-old had been little more than a number (G24671) and a would-be money machine, but her rescuers called her Melody. A caring vet who examined her pronounced her injuries too severe to overcome, and Melody was compassionately euthanized on July 8. Her final days brought her some comfort and, ultimately, a death with dignity rather than an agonizing and horrific stabbing death in a Mexican slaughterhouse. This fate befells so many horses after they are discarded like garbage.
Lean more about Pure Thoughts, Inc., and The Triumph Project, through whose combined efforts Melody was rescued.

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