Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More mush from the wimp

Mayor Bloomberg, that is
The wimp is patting himself on the back for championing a new online system that allows dog owners to license their pets online. "Licensing is not just a good idea--it's actually the law," the mayor explained. The display is maddening, in view of the fact that Mayor Bloomberg couldn't give a damn about animals and he sure doesn't mind it that the horse-drawn carriage industry roundly ignores the laws pertaining to the welfare of the horses. What a guy.
Mayor McCheese allows Christine Quinn to corrupt the city council even beyond the its historic boundaries of awfulness, and he looks the other way when it comes to the politically entrenched, cash-only carriage industry that flatly disrespects the laws. Not to mention the virtues of decency and civility. It's been nearly a year since the audit detailed the any problems with the carriage industry. Does anyone have a progress report? Anything?


Oliver said...

Our "expert" mayor pontificating about dog licenses and talking down to people. No surprise - but what a joke he is. A license for a neutered animal is only a few dollars less than one for an intact animal. There is no incentive to do the right thing. Sure let the masses engage in a little backyard breeding. What the hell - right! Let the kids see the miracle of birth ... I say let them see the miracle of death at the city pound where all those unwanted animals are killed.

So glad Bloomie will be gone in 2009 - Good riddance. He has no compassion for people or animals. Nice guy.

Mary Alice said...

Bloomberg and Quinn should get married. They hate everything. This from Wednesday's New York Times:

In June, when some parents complained about sweltering classrooms, Mr. Bloomberg was quoted as replying: “This is going to come as a very big surprise to you, but people of my generation went to schools without air-conditioners. ...I think it’s fair to say that if we closed the schools, most of the kids would be out there playing in the sun, as would I if I were a teenager or an adolescent.”

Just last month, responding to complaints that black rubber mats and other playground equipment get dangerously hot in the summer, the mayor said: “If it’s hot, don’t sit on it. Air-conditioning the slide is not something we can afford to do.” He later added: “Government can only do so much. Parents have a responsibility. The fact that rubber gets hot when it’s out in the bright sun in July and August shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.”

Yes, Bloomberg sure could have done so much good -- but he didn't.

Plus he's a condescending twit.