Saturday, February 23, 2008

What's So Bad About Horse-Drawn Carriages?

Friends of horses are everywhere, and they take the time to raise important questions. As comments from the Friends of Animals Web site demonstrate, visitors to New York City are saddened when they see the way that the horses are treated. Fathima wrote:

I am currently in New York visiting from South Africa. Walking South from 65th Str down past Central Park I passed a horse & carriage with the driver who put a bucket of oats in front of the horse. As the horse started to eat a few oats starting falling out of the bucket, this seemed to annoy the driver as he cussed, then pulled the bucket away and slapped the horse. This is so sad to see. Animals are here to live with us in a harmonious existence however many humans have forgotten this and treat animals disrespectfully. The problem lies within us and we need to take ownership of this and make a difference through education and changing environments for the betterment of animals and us in a respectful co-existence. I fully support the approach to ban horse-drawn carriages in this city. This environment of traffic, congestion, noise & concrete is just not suitable for horses to live in. Please join us in supporting this much needed cause. Namaste.
--Fathima, Jan. 13, 2007

If you visit New York City and observe the substandard condition of the carriage horses, either around Central Park or in city traffic as they travel to the stables (up to 2 miles away), please make your voice heard. Leave a comment on this blog, write a letter to The New York Times and other newspapers, and call the mayor's office and make known your request that horse-drawn carriages be banned in New York City, through legislation (Intro. 658/2007).

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