Friday, February 15, 2008

Short on Fact, Long on Hyperbole

Carolyn Daly is the ever-articulate, slick public relations professional who was hired by the horse-drawn carriage industry, along with two lobbyists for the industry.

When I get discouraged, I think of some of the goofier Carolyn Daly quotes, which are good for belly laugh. Maybe we should borrow a page from her playbook and take to calling people names. Here's my list of "Top 10 Dumb Quotes From Carolyn":

10. The death of Smoothie in September 2007 was "a freak accident."
9. Most New Yorkers are tired "of this small group of animal extremists who just won’t shut up.
8. The activists are “extremely delusional.”
7. “They continue to have a mean-spirited, negative approach to everything they do.”
6. (Tony) Avella "is the one who should be put out to pasture."
5. We [the industry, its PR executive, and 2 lobbyists) care deeply for each and every one of them." [the horses]
4. "This is just a cheap publicity program he is running on the backs of these horses."*
3. "Calling for a ban on a working-class NYC industry that is 100 years old and highly popular with tourists and New Yorkers and considered 100 percent humane by all licensed animal welfare groups and agencies for a few cheap headlines is the real horse manure."
2. “It’s Valentine’s Day. Go out with your boyfriend. Meet your husband for dinner. Love a horse. But no, not them. They’re outside, as usual, talking to deaf ears.”
And the No. 1 dumbest quote (of the last 3 months) from Carolyn Daly is:
1. “A true Stupid Girl is one who talks publicly about something she knows nothing about. They have specialized shoes for concrete."

*She's right about this (#3). Unlike the horse-drawn carriage industry, we extremely delusional activists don't have the funds to hire fancy public relations people and lobbyists. We just hand out flyers.

The next time your boss proposes something ridiculous, answer back like a fancy PR professional and "trot" out some embarrassing cliches. Say, "That's lot of of horse manure!"

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