Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Even in a Steady Rain, Cash is Cash

This rainy evening, on West 45th Street between 9th and10th Avenues, a soaked horse was trotting westward to his home at Shamrock Stables. I wondered why the driver had him out. It rained all day long, as the weather forecasters had predicted.

Same the week before, when a biblical rain blew through NYC. Another horse being trotted back to the stable, in a driving rain.

Tourists being dragged around Central Park in the rain? Pathetic.
Support the proposed ban on carriage horses in New York City. New York City residents, let your City Council member hear from you. Ask him or her to co-sponsor Intro. 658/2007, the measure introduced by Tony Avella.


Adele said...

Tsk tsk, there ya go, worryin' yer poor head again. Today is what we would call "a fine soft day", nary a bother. That fella's horse needed a good stretch o' the legs, I'm sure, a bit o' rain makes no nevermind. Like me grandmother always said, "Don't ye be afraid o' the rain, ye aren't made o' sugar, ye won't melt"
Clip-clopping through the park in a soft rain on the first day o' Spring - now that's what I call special.

Mary Alice said...

There, there,Adele. Thanks for writing. You are correct in that this particular rainy day was not made worse, as they say in Scotland, by "a freshening breeze," which translates into something along the lines of "wicked cold." I'm sure the horse needed a stretch of the legs, since the horses don't have turnout! I actually like the rain--unless I'm headed to a business meeting and don't want to get drenched. Ah, but horses in the rain, the horses in New York City traffic...this is a bad, bad mix, dontcha know.