Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Man Who Will Be Mayor

Status quo? No! The revolution starts ... now!
Tony Avella, the Queens Democrat who introduced the bill to ban horse-drawn carriages in New York City, will officially announce his mayoral bid this weekend on the steps of City Hall.
Join City Council Member Avella at a news conference on Sunday, March 30, at 1 pm on the steps of City Hall in lower Manhattan. Join the revolution!

CM Avella represents the interests of real New Yorkers, not special interest groups. He has displayed compassionate leadership time and time again, sponsoring Intro. 658 (the bill to ban horse-drawn carriages) and Intro. 13, the Pets in Housing bill--and addressing a host of quality-of-living issues that matter to people.
Come out Sunday and show your support for Tony Avella, a man of integrity and conviction.


peeba76 said...

Good luck supporting that idiot with NO friends even in the city council! Every council person I ve talked to rolls their eyes when you mention his name! He is a facist and thats why you love him!

Mary Alice said...

Thanks, peeba76, for another articulate comment. I know you gave it your best effort. Let's see, you've named CM Avella an idiot, called me an idiot, and alluded to all the eye-rolling on the City Council when you speak with them. What, have you and Ms. Kim held a soiree for all the animal-haters on the Council? Whatever. If someone who supports animal protection legislation is a fascist in your estimation, so be it. Yessir, that Mussolini was kinda hot.

peeba76 said...

The first government in the history of mankind to enact animal rights leg. was Hitler's NAZI gov of 1940. Hitler himself was a vegetarian and a self-proclaimed animal "rights" activist. Just want you to know who youre getting into bed with. If you think Mussolini was hot, you must LOVE Adolf!

Mary Alice said...

(In reference to your 2nd unpublishable comment...)

Peebs, that's enough. Pure nonsense, and hateful. Also, Hitler's alleged "vegetarianism" and the bit about 1940 "animal rights" legislation in Germany remain points of active contention, although I see you've been reading your PETA-hating literature. It's also perverted logic. And a big "so what?" Hitler is said to have identified with the music of Beethoven. Are we supposed to forgo listening to Beethoven?

Honestly, I think your carnivorous ways are making you tense, Peeba76. Ditch the anti-PETA site and check this gentle link:
I think it's right up your alley.