Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Say, Here's An Idea: No More Roadwork

That's not very likely to happen
Susan V. writes about a near-miss she witnessed on 57th Street at 9th Avenue:
"As a horse lover and occasional rider, I thought I was going to see a tragic end to one of those beautiful carriage horses ("You can lead a horse to water if there is any," Feb. 21). On 57th Street and 9th Avenue, a driver tried to catch the light and has his horse bolt through traffic. The horse slipped across a steel plate covering a portion of the street while running. I believe that if the horse had skidded, it would have been quite tragic, as there is building construction at this section and a lot of steel posts and pedestrians. Aren't there any guidelines? Isn't this endangerment cruelty?"
Susan V, a Metro (NY) reader from Queens; Feb. 27, 2008

Horse-drawn carriages have no place in 21st-century New York City. Ask your City Council member to co-sponsor Intro. 658, Tony Avella's bill to ban horse-drawn carriages in NYC.
Not a NYC resident? Tell the mayor that you want to see this inhumane industry banned forever.

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