Monday, April 7, 2008

Classic Quinn...and a prayer

Now, except for my singular rants on my favorite topic--the much-needed ban on horse-drawn carriages--I try not to get political here. No, really. I'll let others do that.

In the spirit of reconciliation, the blogger "Politiko" of Room Eight has posted a prayer for Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who has a wee problem right now: She has dug her own grave, politically speaking.

Here follows an excerpt from "A Prayer For the Most Honest Person Mayor Bloomberg Knows":
"If Mayor Bloomberg, the greatest Mayor of any City ever in the History of the World says that Christine Quinn is "the most honest person" he knows, then she must really be something special and should get through this and become our next mayor." Read more
Nothing good can come from hating animals. In fact, these are the people who typically devalue life, objectify individuals, and behave in unbelievably arrogant manner because they deem themselves to be "above it all." My motto (as stated by Esther Dyson) is: Make new mistakes. Onward, Quinn.
Also see "Immoral or Incompetent?"
Say what? The Coalition for Informed Individuals?

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