Friday, April 18, 2008

Raising the bar for public relations...

I would die of shame and embarrassment if I were a dumb (d-u-m?) flack and had to be quoted as saying idiotic nonsense such as this:
"No one wants to replace clip-clop, clip-clop with chitty chitty bang bang..."
This is so bad that I won't even attribute it. It's painful to read it even now.

More later. And carriage people, welcome! Keep reading! Stay off the streets!

Spring has sprung, and I have been taking notes on weight violations, etc. How to proceed... also, I saw a near-miss today in beautiful Clinton. Interesting how taxicabs don't give a damn about the horses. For the life of me, I cannot understand how you guys and gals think it's a good idea to "drive" horses in city traffic.

If I were you I would get out your calculators and do some computation. There are better ways to make money than to warehouse thirsty, tired horses that have to drag around fat people for 9 hours a day and must live on cheap, poor-quality food. Humane treatment wouldn't be a concern with "green" model-Ts and other classic automobiles. Those you can run until the wheels fall off!

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