Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Say, Are You Coming, or Going?

I see the same carriages so often it's difficult to tell if they're coming back or going out. In business, the idea is always to optimize the profit margin. This is particularly true in a cash-only business.

A spiffy royal blue carriage, for example, was seen coming back to Shamrock Stables in the rain around 1:30 pm on Monday, and then heading back out again around 6 p.m. To be fair, it had been a drizzly day and the driver of carriage 1110 needed to get his full 1 or 2 shifts in. Cash is cash, dontcha know.

My goodness! Peeba76, your comment was so vile that I forgot to post it! Something about calling me an idiot and telling to watch my ass! (Which I always do, especially around your stable). Careful, big guy (big gal?), there's a law against menacing behavior. Now don't carry any big sticks or make threats.--Alice
p.s. It was the same horse, a beautiful dark horse. I think you know the one.

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