Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Keep Writing! It'll Keep You Off the Streets

Peeba76, a carriage horse driver, has joined the HorseWatchNYC readership and I welcome his (or her) colorful opinion. Peeba76 is a prolific writer, having added a few pithy comments to the biased New York Sun article focusing on Manhattan Mini Storage, which has weighed in on the issue in support of a ban on horse-drawn carriages. Peeba76 refers to those who support a ban as "misguided, self-important idiots" and "NUTS." Don't even get Peebs started on PETA. (There, there, they'll be no talk of that organization on this blog. Or very little). For some reason, being called silly names always amuses me, because it's so meaningless with respect to the topic.


peeba76 said...

Just like an animal rights terrorist to leave out the content and focus on the silly names. You are quite fond of using names yourself such as "abuser". By the way, not you or any of your animal "rights" humaniacs will keep me and beautiful horse off the streets! See you at the park!

Mary Alice said...

Oops. I am only guessing at peeba76's gender, silly me. Is it a guy, or a gal? One thing's for sure. Having seen the cruelty firsthand--the way some drivers run from the humane officers to avoid watering the horses, or slap the horses across the face with a cell phone, I will certainly be careful to watch my back. If stopping the mistreatment of animals is terrorism, then I'm a card-carrying extremist. Whoa, this isn't Carolyn, is it??? I'll see you at the park, indeed.

Mary Alice said...

Peebs, your other comment contained propietary information about a matter that I won't write about. Let's just say that matters of paperwork, licensing, and the like have dual benefits. You know about them, and so do I. G'night.